Point of Divergence

> Character Creation

> Setting: The Three Winds

Point of Divergence is a heroic fantasy campaign to be run by Daniel A. Burrow. It will feature a lot of classic heroic fantasy elements while also being high in on-going plot, roleplaying, intrigue, and character-development. The campaign will be a difficult one for the adventurers, as they may not always have ample income, bountiful supplies, or quick victories. The players and their characters will be charged with their own bookkeeping, map-making, and will have to work to keep up with the bulging, quickly growing world. The setting will be part of the puzzle in- and of-itself.

This setting and campaign will treat the adventurers like it would treat anybody. Luck is not on your side. Antics will be dealt with as society chooses to deal with them. Character death isn’t just on the table: it’s horrifyingly likely. Be prepared.

This is a low- to mid-magic campaign setting. You will roughly see one spellcaster per 500 people. This is the type of setting where most people live in towns in which they might say, “Oh, have you heard of Winova from the town to the south? I hear she can use magic. Maybe she could purify the water in the well?” If there are multiple spellcasters in our party, that will make them stand out from the vast majority of adventurers and mercenaries.

This campaign is currently scheduled to meet most Tuesdays, roughly between 6:30 and 10:30pm.

Point of Divergence

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