Point of Divergence

Session 3: The Return of Xax

We kicked Xax’s butt and then let him go. Olric had food poisoning.

Session 2: How to Un-die

We undied somehow.

Session 1: How to Die

The story opens at The Wet Worg in Esterfall. Meet the party.

Sael has been in the area for a good long time, and was helping Herant repair the roof of the Wet Worg.

Rolen, looking for a particular elf, briefly notched an arrow toward Sael, but lowered it again after verifying that this was not his target.

Olric offered his services toward roof reparations as well, and quickly finished what was left of the job using his recently manifested holy magic. He then assisted in spicing what became the Most Amazing Soup Ever™.

Arden, a regular at the Wet Worg, stopped in on his usual traveling route to pluck a few tunes and enjoy some food and drink. Herant informed him that Rozurette “Rose” Hanover’s brother Isaac Hanover was returning from battle tonight, and that there would be a celebration.

A half-orc then entered the tavern looking for Isaac. He hassled Rose, at which point Arden stepped in. Some shenanigans ensued involving thrown punches, tripping, and cocky remarks, and shortly a fight ensued. The orc stabbed Arden, but then Arden quietly let loose some bardic magic, killing the orc.

Sael disposed of the body at Herant’s nervous request. He ran into the head of the town guard, Pudric Hellhallow, but for simple favor, Pudric agreed to keep it quiet.

Olric paid a visit to the local scrollmaker, Arthesis Yole, hoping that he could provide some insight into his newfound magical talents, but Arthesis is somewhat of a d-bag, so he didn’t learn much.

Isaac finally arrived on horseback with two other soldiers and the celebrations commenced. Soon after, however, Arden spotted an archer in the tower, and an arrow struck one of Isaac’s men in the leg. Arden attempted to obscure the archer’s shot, Olric healed the injured man, Rolen began firing back, and Sael took off toward the tower through the alleys. The others soon joined in alley route, save Olric, who rode forward on one of the horses.

After reaching the tower, Sael found Rose tied to the door. As he approached, an orc slit her throat. Sael said his peace to her and bashed his way through the door. Olric rushed in quickly to heal her, narrowly rescuing her from the brink of death.

Rolen neared the tower and re-commenced his counterattack on the archer in the tower, while Arden prepared himself near the door to attack any escaping orcs.

Then the body count began.

Sael was beheaded by Xax. Arden was cleaved by Xax. Then Olric died. Then Rolen died.

We all died.



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