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  • Shangval

    The capital of [[Bein | Bein]] is an enormous city sunken into a crater. It's walls slant out like massive staked palisades, and its government building, the Obsidian Spire, reaches straight into the sky. The Obsidian Spire is a tall, black building …

  • Ironcourt

    Ironcourt is a vast, nearly impenetrable city in the northern-center of [[Haldur]]. While it holds the [[Grand Citadel]] and the throne of the king, the most imposing structure in Ironcourt is the [[Haldric Gate]]. The Haldric Gate is the one main …

  • Altar

    The island-capital of [[Nendova]] is large and beautiful, surrounded by numerous other islands that serve as a sort of barrier. [[The Seasalt Palace]] sits on the side of Altar's primary mountain peak, overlooking the island.

  • Hastrallen

    Hastrallen is the vast dwarven city under [[Mount Hastrallen]], where the great silver dragon [[:aiza | Aiza]] sits perched for all of time. Hastrallen holds the throne of [[Korkas]], the [[Chronicler's Hourglass]], and is well-guarded enough to grow the …

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