Capital: Shangval

Bein is an enormous empire, stretching into the lands not-yet-mapped. Bein is east of Nendova and stretches around the northern and eastern borders of Haldur. Its population is large, and many areas of Bein are very poor or uncivilized. It has large, rotten cities and numerous warring orc hordes.
But not all parts of Bein are rotten. The city centers are strong, and its army is enormous. It is ruled over by the Emperor of the Eight Peaks, Bein Zoquan, a man considered to be untouchable. His ministers do the majority of the ruling. His prime minister, Pao Riyuuk, has consolidated a lot of power and is rapidly growing favor with the people of Bein. He even has many friends among the orc hordes.
Bein worships the Eclipsing God, a god that represents life and death, warmth and pain, and the good and bad of everything. They see the other gods as lesser non-divine off-shoots – little more than monstrosities or aberrations.


Dreadfaced Hunter
Kufa Di


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