Starting City: Esterfall
Capital: Ironcourt
Main Port: Greyview

Haldur will be the center of our story and the main kingdom within our campaign.
Haldur is a noble kingdom ruled by King Gregory Fethernal VIII. It is smaller than its neighbors, Bein and Nendova, but it is well organized and its knights are loyal. It faired well during the war, largely because of its alliance with Korkas. Of the Three Winds, it has the best equipped and best trained military. Of those, the Haldric Knights are the best of the best.
Haldur closely worships the Seven Avatars. It considers the Eclipsing God to be their vengeful “father,” or sorts, and the Will and the Way is a bunch of folly.


Sir Chevric the Shaken
Lord Drury Fethernal


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