Capital: Hastrallen

Deep under the surface is the unmappable kingdom of Korkas. The dwarves of Korkas live within the Worldveins, a never-ending labyrinth of twisting cave, grottos, and passageways that connect the known world. There are secret passageways into the Worldveins all over the surface world, and the dwarves of Korkas are known to just pop out of nowhere, or quickly travel between locations without ever touching the sunlight. On occasion, people will uncover an entrance into the Worldveins, but it is extraordinarily easy to get lost within, and few take the risk.
The kingdom of Korkas is ruled by the Roughcast King, Banrak. The largest portions of the kingdom exist under the Korkas Mountains, south of Haldur. While the Korkas Mountains are crawling with savages and monsters, the underground of the mountains holds a vast and prosperous kingdom.
During the wars, Korkas became allies with Haldur and supplied them with equipment and aided with their supply transport. Korkas tries to maintain good relations with all of the surface nations, now, though they have had a bitter past with Nendova.


Gorem Deepwolfe
Algar Kingfist


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