Capital: Altar

Nendova was, not long ago, the coast of Giltar and a hodgepodge of well-separated peoples. The humans lived on the coasts, the halflings stayed within their small villages, and the elves lived properly in their forests. The war changed that, as the Elven King of Rains, Eondis, united the coasts of Nendova and started the war that divided Giltar.
Today, Eondis’s daughter rules. The Elven Queen, Illiya, is not as war-like as was her father. She believes in the future of Nendova. She is working to create a peaceful coastal nation, keep the different peoples united, and to keep war from brewing. Illiya is very defensively-minded, and she will do anything to keep her people safe and happy.
Nendova recognizes a religious concept called the Will and the Way, in which divine entities are born through powerful forces of will. They believe in the Eclipsing God and the Seven Avatars, but do not limit themselves to simply the belief in those gods. They are religiously inclusive.


Mora Alora
The Devious Ring


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