Three Winds

Trouble is rising among the Three Winds. The truce that settled the ancient war has become tenuous. The Prime Minister of Bein has been consolidating power, and few trust him. In Haldur, the orc tribes have become increasingly difficult, and other savage races are becoming bolder. Of the Seven Avatars, only two are known, which the scholars consider to be an ill omen. In the holy text, the Sevenfold, it is clear that three avatars must always be known, or times are about to become rough.
The Three Winds are the three mapped kingdoms on the continent of Giltar. They became known as the Three Winds a couple decades ago after the long war ended with the Treaty of the Three Winds that established the borders. The truce does not feel as permanent as they wanted.


Bein: The Vast Empire
Haldur: The Stalwart Kingdom
Nendova: The Coastal Haven
The Worldveins of Korkas: The Unmappable Fourth Kingdom


The Magistrates
Priokki Warlords
Dead Sun Pirates


The Eclipsing God
The Seven Avatars
The Will and the Way

Three Winds

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